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Our Mission

Our mission is to help customers buy the best luxury scents, fragrances, and wellbeing products more sustainably. We want to provide complete freedom of choice and the ability to be a conscious consumer while ensuring the highest possible quality and product design standards.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is vitally important to who we are as a company and how we operate here at CRANBOURN®. We are guided by our firm belief that companies have a moral duty to encourage positive social and environmental change. Our processes, materials, partnerships, and certifications convey this dedication.

Our Philosophy

Coupled with our sustainable mission, we are driven by our core philosophies: exploration and innovation.

Driven by our love of travel, we explored the globe to pursue the finest botanicals. We are constantly energised and revitalised by unique global destinations and cultures. This is why each CRANBOURN® fragrance Collection is inspired by travel exploration and discovery. Our products are then crafted using sustainably sourced botanicals.

We are also innovators at heart. Our talented team is dedicated to crafting premium fragrance products using the latest designs, formulations, and manufacturing processes. Find out more in Our Philosophy.

Our values & partnerships

We back up our sustainable mission with concrete commitments and ongoing dedication to causes close to our hearts. CRANBOURN® is committed to donating 10% of annual (net) profits to the following charitable organisations:

WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation.
Crisis is a UK national charity for ending homelessness.
UNICEF is a global agency dedicated to protecting and caring for children in need.
Battersea is the UK’s best known and oldest animal rescue centre.

As an extension of our core values, we have also partnered with several like-minded organisations. Visit Our Values & Partnerships to find out which certifications CRANBOURN® products carry.

B Corp

Since our inception, we have endeavoured to ensure CRANBOURN® operates differently from most other luxury goods companies, with integrity, transparency, and ethics at the heart of everything we do.

Our policies ensure that we adhere rigorously to the highest standards in ethical behaviour, environmental sustainability, data security and more. To that end, we joined the B Corp (B Corporation) movement.

Visit our CRANBOURN® and B Corp page to find out what makes a B Corp business so unique, and why it was so important to us to become B Corp certified. Join our journey as we come together with inspiring B Corp businesses to help create a fairer and better world for everyone.

Carbon emissions

Carbon offsets allow a company that emits greenhouse gases to buy credits from a green project working to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Carbon offsets can be viewed as an indirect way to reduce carbon emissions because the offset buyer is not making outright reductions in fossil fuel burning.

CRANBOURN® offers its customers the possibility to double their carbon offset within the payment section. We do not directly control the shipping and transportation processes for CRANBOURN® products. Still, we feel responsible and want to do everything we can to exemplify a responsible business.

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