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Family: Lauraceae
Genus: Cinnamomum
Species: C. camphora

Camphor (C. camphora) is a member of the laurel family (Lauraceae). It is an evergreen tree native to China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan. The tree is grown primarily for timber production and the extraction of camphor.

Camphor is widely used in fragrances, medicines, food flavourings and aromatherapy. It is also well-known for the quality of its insect repellent properties.

Camphor has been used for hundreds of years in ancient medicine. Camphor oil has been found to have several medicinal properties, including being antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and assisting with respiratory function.

Used primarily as a Top Note

Ingredients & Botanicals
/bəˈtanɪkl/ Noun
plural noun: botanicals

A substance obtained from a plant and typically used in medicine or cosmetic products

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