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Ylang Ylang

Family: Annonaceae
Genus: Cananga
Species: C. odorata

Ylang-ylang is a valued perfume obtained from the flowers of the tropical Cananga tree. The fast-growing evergreen Cananga tree is a valuable source of wood and fibre, whilst the fragrant flowers also make beautiful garlands and decorations. The name Ylang-ylang comes from the Tagalog language of Austronesia, and is variously translated as ‘wilderness’ or ‘flower of flowers.’ 

Ylang-ylang oil is extracted from freshly picked flowers by steam distillation or solvent extraction.

Ylang-ylang has been used for hundreds of years in ancient medicine and aromatherapy. Studies have found Ylang-ylang oils to have several medicinal properties, including being antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and aiding digestion and mood improvement.

Used primarily as a Heart Note

Ingredients & Botanicals
/bəˈtanɪkl/ Noun
plural noun: botanicals

A substance obtained from a plant and typically used in medicine or cosmetic products

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