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Creating the perfect party playlist is no easy feat– so we’ve done it for you. Effortless, laidback vibes made for those dinner parties, cocktail evenings or date nights.

This playlist packs a punch with Brazilian sambas, bossa novas and jazz tunes from legends including Antônio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto, Sérgio Mendes, Luiz Bonfá, saxophonist Stan Getz and more. Starting gently with “Manha de Carnaval”, the tunes slowly pick up pace, alternating between vocal and instrumental sections and from bossa novas and sambas, before winding back down with beautiful melancholic slow songs. Timeless rhythms, melodies and a mix of influence from Portugal to Africa and Native cultures makes Brazilian music completely unique.

A laidback playlist unlike any other. Standing apart from other coffee shop or chilled beats playlists, this curated collection is 2 hours of the best chill hop, lofi beats and funky instrumentals. At the intersection of hip hop, jazz, funk, bossa nova and dub, this playlist works as either the perfect backdrop to relaxation or an engaging selection for active listening. This is the ultimate chill, feel-good playlist… and we guarantee it will be hard not to nod your head along.

Travel in a soul time machine. While the songs span over many decades, from the late 60’s to today, and different regions, from Brazil to the U.S. to Africa, what unifies this curated playlist is the soulful aspect of the music. Setting the tone with Brazilian jazz-funk, the playlist moves through chill-hop tracks and bossa nova to indie soul tracks. Khruangbin acts as a bridge into some 70’s Brazilian funk, then into the retro psychedelic music of El Michels Affairs with support from Indian-African singer Piya Malik. The playlist jumps effortlessly from genre to genre and from era to era with some soul-jazz, African highlife, souk, afro-cuban jazz, Brazilian boogie, R&B, Roots Reggae and more.

The perfect summer night vibes to soundtrack laidback drinks with friends. This curated playlist has a retro disco feel, mixing original late 70’s and early 80’s disco songs with newer productions. Brazilian disco, African disco, Italo disco and funky bass lines give the playlist a balmy summer night feel. The result is a rich collection of songs that would make the perfect warm-up soundtrack before a party or night out.

A classic beach or poolside playlist with a Greek twist, this curated playlist starts on a tropical note with Polo & Pan’s Canopée and Alex Caipirinha’s Copacabana. It then moves towards chilled house sounds, featuring artists like Bonsaye and Sofi Tukker, and representing Greece with songs from Dim Angelo, Marina Satti and Nalyssa Green. The playlist’s chilled house vibes are mixed with nu disco tracks for good measure, ending on an electronic chillwave note.

This ambient playlist is inspired by nature, Mauritian island living, and East Africa. Starting on a meditative note, you can hear birds singing, rain falling and other natural sounds. The music then becomes more rhythmic as we journey to the Caribbean islands with some souk and reggae tunes which had a great influence on Mauritian music, as heard in Bigg Frankii’s song “Zenfan Lakaz Tol”. The curated playlist ends with a series of afro pop songs from artists from the island, as well as the main continent.

Venture into some of Scandinavia’s most interesting electronic and indie artists of the last 20 years. The thoughtfully crafted playlist starts off slow with indie tunes and builds up towards faster tempos. Sweden and influential label Studio Barnhus is well represented with artists such as Baba Stiltz, Pedrodollar, Axel Boman, Kornél Kovacs and Bella Boo. Norway is also represented by fellow musicians Prins Thomas, Todd Terje and Ytre Rymden Dansskola, while Denmark shines through the indie electronic duo Smerz. Last but not least, progressive trance artist and DJ Orkidea adds a Finnish presence to the mix. While most of the playlist lives in the underground, it emerges into the mainstream with appearances from Swedish mega stars Lykke Li and Robyn.

The bright, pop-inspired playlist opens with some nu funk, before quickly shifting towards indie sounds and Moroccan pop. Cross over to Spain with Rosalia, venture further north into France with Flavien Berger and Polo & Pan’s indie pop, then back to Spain by way of London with ‘Last Night in Sant Celoni’. The curated playlist then takes a definite disco twist with a mix of contemporary and artists from the 80’s, before ending on a hip hop note.

Take a trip through some of England’s best electronic and dance artists from the 90’s to today. Opening with disco-inspired sounds, the curated playlist takes a long detour to explore the interconnected scenes of garage and 2-step, drum & bass and dubstep. Jump into disco house and deep house, transition to funky house sounds, explore classic progressive trance records, then unwind with final chill out and ambient tracks. Whether this playlist accompanies a journey or soundtracks a party, it’s a journey full of detours that shines the light on the vast electronic music landscape and heritage coming out of England and the UK in general.

Opening with the warm, soulful sounds of disco, funk, nu disco, disco house and filter house, this curated playlist transports you straight to a DJ set at golden hour on the Balearic island. As night descends, the sounds shift towards cooler electronic beats featuring electro, tech house, progressive house and trance. The crafted playlists takes a turn through jazzier territories with deep house tracks from Chaos in The CBD and Galcher Lustwerk, before ending with classic chill-out songs from Sébastien Tellier and Nightmares On Wax.

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/ˈsaʊndskeɪp/ Noun
plural non: soundscapes

A piece of music considered in terms of its component sounds

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