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Founded in London, CRANBOURN® is a boutique retailer dedicated to the discovery and curation of the finest beauty products and fragrances from around the world. We are guided by our belief that companies have a duty to encourage positive social and environmental change. Luxury products should not cost the Earth, CRANBOURN® believes there is another way - all our products are sustainably sourced and cruelty-free.
Arriving Spring 2020.

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Exploring is in our nature – seeking out new places, experiences and ideas. For CRANBOURN® this is a constant quest, the search for ever better things.


Life is about discovering new things, sometimes by insight, sometimes by luck. CRANBOURN® brings you an unrivalled choice of products to express your own individuality.


Revive your energies in your own unique way, by creating your own particular style with renewed vitality. CRANBOURN® signifies new ideas and facing the future with confidence.


CRANBOURN® grew out of the idea that there is another way, by continually exploring, discovering and curating the very best sustainably sourced products for our customers.

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