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Family: Liliaceae
Genus: Lilium
Species: L. auratum, L. candidum

Lilium, or true lilies, are tall perennials renowned for their beautiful fragrant flowers. Grown in gardens and commercially for cut flowers, lilies can be found in a wide palette of beautiful colours.  Lilies have been used in fragrance and perfumery since the ancient Greco-Roman Egyptian period, where fragrances were hugely important both socially and culturally. The Egyptians created a highly valued perfume known as Susinon, sometimes referred to as ‘The Thousand Lilies Perfume’. The latter name gives a clue as to why this is one of the most expensive essential oils!

Lily oil is produced by either the enfleurage technique or by solvent extraction to create a lily absolute. Neither method is particularly high yielding. Today, lily extracts and essential oils are used in fragrances and cosmetics. Lilies have been used for hundreds of years in ancient medicine and aromatherapy. Studies have found Lily oil to have several medicinal properties, including being antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and aiding mood improvement. 

Used primarily as a Heart Note

Ingredients & Botanicals
/bəˈtanɪkl/ Noun
plural noun: botanicals

A substance obtained from a plant and typically used in medicine or cosmetic products

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