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CRANBOURN® Soundscapes & Atmospheres™


Awaken your senses with an uplifting playlist and set the tone for the day. Hand-picked tunes for productivity, motivation and inspiration.

The ultimate in-flight playlist, inspired by the speed of the plane, the feeling of floating in the air, the excitement of travelling and the melancholy of leaving people behind. This curated playlist features electronic and house music, both uptempo yet flowing and floaty. The featured songs are melodic and emotional in a cold electronic way. The genres range from electro to progressive house, tech house, deep house, lo-fi house and post dubstep. Sit back and tune in during a flight, a long drive, an ambling walk or chill time at home.

A soft, dreamy, romantic and chill collection of songs for daydreaming, relaxing in bed or enjoying the sunshine. The playlist spans genres, from indie pop and lo-fi indie to dream pop, bedroom pop and soft rock – with a touch of alt-R&B. It’s easy listening, acoustic and organic, with occasional psychedelic hints. The chill, low tempo energy of this curated playlist lends itself perfectly to relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Stay focused and motivated with synth-heavy electronic music, from ambient to experimental to alt-pop to post dubstep to lo-fi house. The playlist features mostly contemporary tunes, with the inclusion of influential tracks from the 90’s such as Squarepusher’s “Midi Sans Frontieres (Avec Batterie)”, Board of Canada’s “Olson” and Aphex Twin’s “IZ-US”. Starting slowly, the BPM and energy level progressively ramp up until the climax of the Four Tet remix of “Opal”, before coming back down to a chilled ambient level. With little to no vocals, this floaty, moody, cinematic and electronic playlist is perfect for when you need to get into the zone.

Music to provide solace and soothe your soul in trying times. Featuring contemporary jazz, jazz-funk, jazz hop, indie soul, alt-R&B and more, this curated collection is both jazzy and soulful. Keeping energy levels low and tempos slow, the playlist spotlights plenty of rich sounds, warm horns and other instruments, accompanied by soulful vocals.

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/ˈsaʊndskeɪp/ Noun
plural non: soundscapes

A piece of music considered in terms of its component sounds

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