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Family: Rutaceae
Genus: Citrus
Species: C. Limon

Lemons are renowned members of the Citrus family. They are thought to have originated from the region of northeast India and northern Burma, and then subsequently spread to the Mediterranean, Middle East and throughout India. Lemons spread to the Americas during the Spanish and Portuguese conquests, where they are now important crops.

Lemons are processed commercially for both their essential oils and juice. The essential oil is usually obtained by cold pressing the rind while the pulp is processed to produce juice, which is often concentrated. Lemon oils are used both as a food flavouring agent and as a fragrance in household products, cosmetics, and perfumes.

Lemons have been used for hundreds of years in ancient medicine and aromatherapy.  Lemon oil has several medicinal properties, including being antimicrobial, antioxidant, and aiding mood improvement.

Used primarily as a Top Note

Ingredients & Botanicals
/bəˈtanɪkl/ Noun
plural noun: botanicals

A substance obtained from a plant and typically used in medicine or cosmetic products

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