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Family: Apocynaceae
Genus: Plumeria
Species: P. rubra, P. obtusa

Frangipanis are small, deciduous or semi-evergreen trees native to the regions of Central America and Venezuela. Frangipanis have wonderful fragrant waxy flowers, which range in colour from white with a yellow centre through to creams, pinks and dark reds.

In warm tropical climates, Frangipani has been widely adopted - in Hawaii, Frangipani flowers are used in the enduring tradition of giving Hawaiian leis. In India and South East Asia, they are often grown outside temples with their flowers being used as offerings. In Laos, Frangipani is the national flower, known as Dok Champa.

Frangipani essential oils are widely used in perfumery. The essential oil from Frangipani flowers was traditionally extracted using the enfleurage technique. This highly labour-intensive method is still used to produce small quantities of heavily scented oil. On a larger scale, most Frangipani oil is produced by solvent extraction and is commonly labelled as ‘Frangipani absolute’.

Frangipani oils have been used for hundreds of years in ancient medicine and aromatherapy.  Studies have found Frangipani oil to have several medicinal properties, including being anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and aiding mood improvement.

Used primarily as a Heart Note

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/bəˈtanɪkl/ Noun
plural noun: botanicals

A substance obtained from a plant and typically used in medicine or cosmetic products

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