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CRANBOURN® Soundscapes & Atmospheres™


A playlist curated to help energise, lift and rejuvenate. Listen to the perfect tunes to accompany your soulful self care sessions or brighten your morning commute.

Set the scene for yoga flows or relaxation time with this mystical playlist. Downtempo, boho house, tribal house, electro cumbia and latin electronic create the vibe of a tropical retreat. Whisk yourself away on a relaxing trip, whether that’s to Tulum or Mykonos, with artists such as the Ecuadorian musician Nicola Cruz, duo Xique-Xique from São Paulo, Swedish-Chilean DJ Dinamarca and Argentinian duo Kermesse.

An ambient, spacey selection spotlighting contemporary compositions. This curated playlist is very much an experience, an inner voyage carried by sounds, perfect for relaxing or sparking creativity. The relaxing, spa-like atmosphere also lends itself to meditation, yoga or a luxurious self care treatment. This playlist showcases some of the best ambient producers of their generation, with music that deserves to be not just in the background but taking centre stage.

This peaceful playlist features ambient music from the 90’s up to today. Starting with experimental composer William Basinski, the first portion of the playlist features compositions made 20 years apart but tied together with the presence of the piano. The keys make way for the guitar, then marimbas and other idiophones, keyboards and synthesisers. The playlist is a journey, travelling from nature to the sky, to outer space and other worlds entirely. Sometimes meditative, sometimes cinematic, sometimes spiritual, but with an overall calming effect on the listener.

This thoughtfully crafted playlist is a collection of different nuances of soul and R&B, from late 90’s and early 2000’s neo soul, to the best new R&B voices from around the world. The soothing tunes are nourishing for the soul– the perfect companion soundtrack to your self care rituals. Featuring classic R&B tracks from the turn of the century, the curated playlist also shines the spotlight on a new generation of singers, making this playlist timeless and endlessly comforting to come back to… over and over again.

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/ˈsaʊndskeɪp/ Noun
plural non: soundscapes

A piece of music considered in terms of its component sounds

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