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Leaping Bunny – Cruelty Free

Find out more about CRANBOURN® and the association with Leaping Bunny: the standard for trustworthy and authentic cruelty-free shopping.

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The term ‘cruelty-free’ is certainly a contentious one. When it comes to beauty, wellness and cosmetic retail, it can be a minefield trying to find products that have not been tested on animals at some stage in their development.

Back in 1996, awareness about animal cruelty had increased. Shoppers were actively seeking cruelty-free products, but with there being so many loopholes, the term became frustrating and often highly misleading. Brands would often profess to be animal-friendly, even using their own ‘cruelty-free’ logos, but without any certification or backing from official animal protection groups.

This was where Leaping Bunny came in – the standard for trustworthy and authentic cruelty-free shopping.

Joining forces for good

Eight animal protection groups joined forces, forming the CCIC: Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. Their goal was to give the power of choice and transparency back to the consumer, so they could understand which brands truly uphold animal rights – and which were simply using a logo with nothing to back it up. The CCIC created the recognisable Leaping Bunny logo, which is internationally recognised.

The eight groups that came together to create this cruelty-free standard include:


What makes Leaping Bunny different?

Unfortunately, even though testing bans are in effect, there are loopholes. Countless brands and businesses exploit those loopholes, testing their ingredients and products on animals.

However, any companies who use loopholes to justify animal cruelty are not Leaping Bunny approved. The Leaping Bunny certification goes above and beyond current laws, and all their brands must comply with the strict guidelines to display the famous logo.

The companies must comply with the following rigorous guidelines in the products and processes:

  • Businesses must commit to a fixed cut-off date to stop any involvement in animal testing. This date is unalterable, and after this date, the brand, the suppliers and the manufacturers must not either ‘conduct, commission or be a party to any animal testing.
  • They must also set up a ‘supplier monitoring system’. This system ensures that all their suppliers and manufacturers comply with the outlined Leaping Bunny criteria.
  • Independent audits are undertaken to ensure the supplier monitoring system is consistently adhering to the Leaping Bunny Standard.
  • Each business must renew its commitment to the Leaping Bunny Program every year, to continue to display the logo on their products or site.

By closing any loopholes, shoppers can be confident any time they spot the Leaping Bunny logo that no animal cruelty has taken place at any point in the development of the product. Not only does this protect and promote animal rights, but it also gives confidence back to the consumer. The retail world can be full of smoke and mirrors, and certifications like this put transparency and integrity at the forefront.

As lovers of the natural world, it was important to us at CRANBOURN® to be part of such an important ethical movement and declare our dedication to animal rights. Our products bear the Leaping Bunny certified logo, so you can rest assured when you buy a CRANBOURN® product they are completely cruelty-free at every stage.

Akimirkos Mauricijuje™

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Akimirkos Mauricijuje™

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Petitgrain | Ylang Ylang | Jazminas
Svaiginantis gėlių
£48.00 100 ml
48,00 GBP už 100 ml

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