Our Story

Our Story

After spending years working with different luxury brands, we realised that none quite aligned with our values or sense of individuality.

While living and working in London and France and travelling widely around the globe, the inspiration for CRANBOURN® took hold. We wanted to combine the very best ingredients with both traditional and modern production techniques – all in a sustainable, ethical way.

We knew that many people like us were seeking something different – a way to combine a love for the finer things with a modern sustainable lifestyle. We wanted to craft higher quality products through a blend of tradition, innovation and sustainability, which we could use each day to enrich our senses and experiences.

Different moments in the day can be enhanced through our sense of smell. The fragrance you might wish to wake up to first thing in the morning (much like the food you want to eat) will probably be quite different to the one you would choose in the evening. We set about creating a varied menu of different fragrances to suit each moment in the day.

We decided on the name CRANBOURN® to reflect our traditional luxury beginnings. Cranbourn Street is in the heart of creative London. The street was constructed in the 1670s near Leicester Square, and once contained many high-quality specialist shops serving the gentry of the time with products to enhance their lives. William Hogarth served an apprenticeship in a shop on the street in 1713, and his two sisters ran a nearby linen-draper’s shop.

Supported by those with similar ideas, our customers and suppliers, CRANBOURN® is ever evolving from our original beginnings. From our base in London, we continue to travel the world to seek out the very best ingredients, working with leading perfumers and craftspeople. We develop products that stay true to our ethos of quality and sustainability, an understated style and commitment to product, environment and people. All CRANBOURN® products are manufactured in the UK to our own exacting standards.

Explore our curated menu of fragrances, which you can incorporate into your home and lifestyle and enhance with your own style and individuality.


CRANBOURN® grew out of the idea that there is another way, by continually exploring, discovering and creating the very best products for our customers.