Our Story

Fragrances with individuality

Fragrances are important to us. They affect the environments and atmospheres we live in and have a huge impact on our wellbeing. For some time, we have felt a sense of disappointment at the range of fragrance products generally available – we realised that as none quite aligned with our sustainable values or sense of individuality, others might be feeling the same way.

A better way becomes #AnotherWay

After spending years working with different luxury and design brands, we realised that there had to be a better way to combine a love for the finer things with a modern sustainable lifestyle. We wanted to craft higher quality products through a blend of tradition, innovation and sustainability, which we could use each day to enrich our senses and experiences.

From the Company’s inception, we wanted to do business in a different way to traditional luxury companies that simply pay lip service to social and environmental considerations. We view our social and environmental impact as being equally important as profit, and we refer to our unique approach and philosophy as #AnotherWay.

Blending tradition with innovation

While living and working in London, France and Italy and travelling widely around the globe, the inspiration for CRANBOURN® took hold – the idea to create a luxury fragrance company that would operate differently to other luxury goods companies, and whose social and environmental ambitions would resonate with a well-informed international clientele irrespective of individual geographical location. We believe in ‘Cosmopolitanism’: the notion that all human beings are members of a single global community.

Our aim then, as it is now, is to combine the very best ingredients with both traditional and modern production techniques – all in a sustainable, ethical way.

Fragrances Inspired By Our Travels

We share this approach and product philosophy with our small group of Master Perfumers, who have over a century of combined perfumery experience and have worked with some of the most famous global luxury brands. Their wealth of knowledge enables them to create fragrance Collections that have the subtle ability to evoke moods, emotions and atmospheres to Revitalise, Inspire or Entertain.

We use the finest ingredients, combining tradition and innovation with authenticity to deliver a superior experience, whilst always remaining mindful of social and environmental considerations.

The CRANBOURN® Colour Palette

The signature CRANBOURN® colours, aquamarine and burnt orange, were influenced by the breathtaking sights and atmospheres we have experienced on our travels. Glistening turquoise oceans and golden dusky sunsets were significant inspirations. These contrasting naturally-occurring colours encapsulate all the aspects of the fragrance wheel, from rich Oriental spices to cool Fresh aquatic tones.

Fragrances to enhance atmospheres and wellbeing

Different moments in the day can be enhanced through our sense of smell. The fragrance you might wish to wake up to first thing in the morning (much like the food you want to eat) will probably be quite different to the one you would choose in the evening. We set about creating fragrance Collections to suit the different moods, emotions and atmospheres you might wish to experience, during the different moments of your day.

Like us, use our scents to create and curate your own atmospheres, to be enjoyed alone or to be shared with friends. Our scents are designed to enhance life and wellbeing.


CRANBOURN® developed from the idea that there is another way, by continually exploring, discovering and creating the finest sustainable luxury fragrances for our customers.

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