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Trends in the Fragrance World

Dive into the important current trends in the world of fragrance and find out the deeper meaning behind them. Discover CRANBOURN® Scents.

5 min read

Trends can be fleeting. In fashion, art, culture and film, styles can come and go with the seasons (and of late, even micro-seasons). With fast fashion dominating the high street, the world of style has been propelled into a frenzy of relentless releases, constant new collections and trends that roll out at a rapid pace.

However, what runs beneath these are timeless trends. These are long-lasting, sustainable, and based on foundations that run deeper than pop culture.

Here at CRANBOURN®, we believe in this type of everlasting trend. Our fragrances are both timelessly in style and innovative at the same time. Our collections are constantly on the pulse of what’s important to consumers and what’s happening around the world.

We believe it is important to be a combination of three things – nostalgic, current, and forward-thinking all at once.

Several key trends have emerged in the fragrance world this year. CRANBOURN® fragrances are at the heart of two important current trends, and we wanted to dive deeper into the meaning behind them.

Travel and Escapism

Immersing oneself in the culture and atmosphere of a new place is one of life’s great pleasures, but it’s only possible when borders are open. – Vogue

With the pandemic heightening our sense of wanderlust, it may come as no surprise that travel and escapism are key trends in the world of luxury fragrance this year.

Our more limited pandemic lives have placed critical importance on our ability to transport ourselves to different locations from the comfort of our own homes. Home furnishings, design and fragrance have all been catapulted into the forefront of our minds. As we spent more and more time indoors over the passing months, curating our sanctuaries became crucial.

With the majority of us starved of nature (a stomp around the local park barely cuts it), fragrance provides somewhat of a substitute. – Elle

We have also been physically unable to leave and move freely around the globe, and limited in our opportunities to experience new places, food and people. If the travel bug has bitten or you are a seasoned explorer, fragrance can be used to whisk you away to your favourite destinations without hopping on a plane.

Fragrance provides an incredible form of escapism, with the unique ability to transport to you a physical place, a tangible memory or even an imagined location you have never visited.

It isn’t just real physical locations, though. Due to the way our olfactory system works and scent’s innate links to emotion and memory, fragrances can conjure up powerful and magical atmospheres, too.

Our Art of Atmospheres™ collections has bottled up playful and enjoyable atmospheres using vibrant botanicals from some of our favourite global destinations, to help you to create unique evocative atmospheres within your own home space.


Another key trend that is gaining momentum globally is sustainability.

Clean fragrance and sustainability are also a priority for major fragrance houses. “Complete transparency in the form of clean and sustainable fragrances was a dominant theme throughout the year and played into the wellness approach that overtook people’s lives,” says Karen Doskow, director of consumer practice at consultancy Kline. – Vogue Business

Amidst the pandemic, COP26 and increasing conversations about the climate, the environment and the planet we live on, consumers are increasingly aware of what they are buying – and this has extended into the world of fragrance.

Greenwashing does not cut it any longer, and we have always made it clear that we operate differently from other luxury goods companies. We are true to our sustainable ethos and B Corp values from ingredient sourcing to our minimalist streamlined packaging.

We are guided by our belief that companies have a moral duty to encourage positive social and environmental change, and we want our policies to be more than label-deep.

Our products carry certifications with Leaping Bunny, The Vegetarian Society and the FSC, and they undergo regular independent assessments and audits to ensure they meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We also joined the Better Business Act coalition to further solidify our commitment to changing how businesses operate.

To find out more about how CRANBOURN® fragrances stay on the pulse of current trends while remaining timeless and innovative, you can delve deeper at Inside CRANBOURN®.