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The Ibizan Experience

Ibiza's charming personality hides quaint traditional sun-baked villages, secret coves, fresh pine and mystical sites perfect for unwinding.

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Ibiza: iconic hedonistic island of glowing sunsets, vibrant cuisine, flowing drinks and the incessant beat of dance music under the glittering stars.

But Ibiza is much more than a party getaway spot.

Its charming split personality hides quaint traditional sun-baked villages, secret coves, fresh pine and mystical sites perfect for unwinding. Ibiza is a unique combination of natural beauty, traditional culture, bohemian adventure and sparkling luxury.

Step back in time

Take a step back from the glitzy yacht-filled waterfront and party bars, and follow winding cobbled streets towards a slower pace of life.

Ibiza is a Catalan Spanish island in the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. The third largest Balearic Island, it is known for its numerous sites of overwhelming natural beauty– so much so that large portions of the island are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Immerse your senses

The baking summer sun, fresh seafood, copious cocktails, and the sound of waves crashing against cliffs and coves… the magical island is truly an experience for all the senses.

With its traditional old town, numerous hippie markets, mystical landmarks and opportunities for adrenaline-seeking, it comes as no surprise that Ibiza is hugely popular with travellers seeking all different kinds of adventure and sensory experiences.

The island offers zen yoga retreats, watersports, culinary joy, beautiful hikes, culture-packed city exploring and lots more.

The fragrance of Ibiza

Even though to many people Ibiza is synonymous with dancing under the summer Mediterranean rays, the Ibizan landscape is full of natural beauty with a decidedly softer side.

Olive, citrus varieties, fig, almond and carob trees pepper the land, along with cacti, agave and palm trees. When it comes to flowers, hibiscus, oleander and bougainvillaea bring bright colours and floral joy to the island.

The CRANBOURN® Sunset in Ibiza™ fragrance is packed with bright citrus notes including mandarin and bergamot, floral freshness from jasmine and ylang ylang, resting on the sunny warmth of amber.

If you are dreaming of the Balearic Catalan sun, fresh sea spray and sipping cocktails at sunset, our luxury reed diffuser and scented candle are the perfect way to bring a little Ibizan magic into your own spaces.

To delve deeper into the history, biology and uses of the diverse botanicals in CRANBOURN® fragrances, explore our extensive botanicals directory.

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