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When cared for properly, you can maximise the life of a quality reed diffuser. We want our luxury fragrances to be part of your life, daily rituals and Atmospheres™ for as long as possible. Read our diffuser care guide below to find out how to properly care for your CRANBOURN® products.

Before using your CRANBOURN® reed diffuser

  • Reed diffusers are a great addition to your home, office, hospitality space or gym, allowing you to add constant fragrance with little maintenance and without the need for electricity, flame or heat.
  • When your reed diffuser arrives, you can recycle the external cardboard packaging. We have opted to package our luxury fragrances in cardboard, so you do not have to compromise your sustainable values to have quality products.
  • Choose a safe place in your home for your diffuser. Choose somewhere out of the reach of animals and children.
  • Diffusers are most effective when placed in high-traffic areas – so by placing your diffuser in a busy space with lots of air circulation, you will be able to smell your chosen fragrance throughout your home.
  • Do not place your diffuser directly on polished or painted surfaces, as spilt fragrance oil may damage surfaces. Place a mat or a coaster beneath your diffuser in case there are any oil drips or spills.

While using your CRANBOURN® reed diffuser

  • Place the natural reeds inside the diffuser oil container to begin using your diffuser.
  • Our porous natural reeds absorb the fragrance oil readily and offer superior performance over artificial reeds. When you notice the fragrance is fading, the reeds need flipping. Flip the reeds carefully over a sink to ensure no oil spills out.
  • Our reed diffusers will last until all the fragrance oil evaporates, which is normally around 12 weeks depending on the temperature of the room and placement of the diffuser.
  • Diffuser oil may cause an allergic skin reaction. If any oil ends up on the skin, use plenty of water and mild soap to remove it. In case of allergic reactions always seek medical advice.

After using your CRANBOURN® reed diffuser

  • Once you have used your diffuser, the vessel can be refilled, repurposed as a vase, or recycled.
  • Avoid disposing or releasing contents into the environment, as this is harmful to aquatic life. Always dispose of the contents and container responsibly at a specialist waste and recycling collection point.

If you have any questions or concerns about using your CRANBOURN® products, you can reach out to us here and we will endeavour to help you in any way we can.

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