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Unlock the Power of Sound and Scent

Explore how to tap into the power of scent and sound from the comfort of your own home, creating unique atmospheres™ and curating your space.

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Throughout history, each of our senses has been crucial to our survival, enjoyment and evolution.

Our senses work together to paint a picture of the world around us. They help to identify the difference between what is dangerous, what is nourishing, what is joyful and what is necessary for our growth. Working together, the senses deliver important messages to our brains that directly dictate what we do and how we feel.

Crossmodal perception is when two or more senses interact with each other, creating a deeper, richer and all-encompassing experience like synesthesia.

Two researchers, Daniel Wesson and Donald Wilson, noted that this unique experience could have had an evolutionary purpose – the combination of an unfamiliar odour and the sound of movement could have alerted us to a nearby predator.

Now, though, with predators no longer our primary concern, we can combine sound and scent in a much more positive and lighthearted way to bring joy to our everyday lives.

The origins of music and scent

“Scents, like sounds, appear to influence the olfactory nerve in certain definite degrees.” – George William Septimus Piesse

The link between sound and scent runs deep.

In 1857, perfumer and chemist G.W. Septimus Piesse published The Art of Perfumery. In the book, he carefully assigned different musical notes to 46 different fragrances.

Piesse came up with the modern concept of ‘notes’ in perfumery, which are still used universally today when talking about fragrance.

A deeply powerful pairing

Music and scent uniquely complement each other. Both are complex, deeply personal, linked to memory and have the power to produce a profoundly emotional response.

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas explains: “Both music and fragrances evoke strong emotions, and they can work together to create a unique experience.”

They are also similar in the way that they change and evolve. A piece of music fluctuates from beginning to end, as it moves from verse to chorus or flows between movements. Perfume reflects this – different notes burn off as you wear them, revealing and unfolding deeper layers and scents throughout the day.

What the future holds for music and scent

Knowing what we know about the power of scent and sound, it only makes sense that combining them can generate a powerful response from us.

There are already numerous experiments, installations and experiences pushing these boundaries.

Experimental Psychology professor Charles Spence collaborated with chef Heston Blumenthal to experiment with sound at The Fat Duck restaurant, realising that customers experience flavours differently according to what they were listening to.

In 2014 at Unsound festival’s Ephemera installation, artists created pieces of music which were then transformed into unique fragrances by master perfumer Geza Schoen.

Małgorzata Płysa, co-curator of the project, explained: “Scent and sound are both the most ephemeral of senses. Without having a visible physical form, an image attached to them, they have the power to trigger emotions, uncover memories and move other senses..”

How to use music and scent to enhance your own life

You can tap into the power of scent and sound from the comfort of your own home, creating unique atmospheres and curating your space.

One of the most simple ways to do this is to create a sound and scent menu that you weave throughout your day. This can involve choosing different fragrances for different times of day, and pairing them with a complimentary song or piece of music.

Here are some easy examples you can follow:

  • To wake you up: Fresh lemon and grapefruit in the morning, accompanied by your favourite upbeat song.
  • To focus: Eucalyptus or mint whilst working, accompanied by a meditative track.
  • To wind down: Rose and lavender at bath or bedtime, accompanied by a piece of classical music.

Want to take this even further? We have thoughtfully created Spotify playlists to accompany each of our unique CRANBOURN® collections, taking the time to select songs and pieces of music that purposefully evoke different moods.

Our carefully crafted playlists pair perfectly with our luxury fragrances, so you can create the perfect Atmospheres™ for your self-care rituals, interior spaces, dinner parties or travels. They are designed to help you craft your bespoke sound and scent combinations.

You can browse our curated playlists on Spotify here.

English Garden Party™

Luxury Scented Candle, 220g, Aqua Blue

Rose | Lily | Patchouli
Soft Floral
£48.00 200ml
£24.00 per 100ml

English Garden Party™

Luxury Scented Candle, 220g, Chalk White

Rose | Lily | Patchouli
Soft Floral
£48.00 200ml
£24.00 per 100ml

Moments in Mauritius™

Luxury Room Diffuser, 100ml, Aqua Blue, Natural Reeds

Petitgrain | Ylang Ylang | Jasmine
Heady Floral
£48.00 100ml
£48.00 per 100ml

Moments in Mauritius™

Luxury Room Diffuser, 100ml, Chalk White, Natural Reeds

Petitgrain | Ylang Ylang | Jasmine
Heady Floral
£48.00 100ml
£48.00 per 100ml

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