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Join our CRANBOURN® Team

CRANBOURN® is a private company designing and creating sustainable luxury fragrance products for wellbeing.

Our values are grounded in establishing fair conditions for people to perform at their best and feel fulfilled and confident in their work. To this end, CRANBOURN® joined the esteemed B Corp movement.

We care deeply about our employees. We consistently strive to create a safe environment that values people’s humanity and uniqueness, so that they are free to bring their full selves to their work and their life’s calling.

We offer a unique work environment where you are encouraged to better understand the brand, the business and your motivations so that together we can unlock the possibilities for your growth.

We are always looking for talented, motivated and experienced individuals to join our team.

Job Vacancies

We currently have no vacancies, please check back regularly.

Should you be interested in one of the positions advertised above, or wish to apply speculatively, please send your CV and a covering letter to the attention of HR: [email protected]

Please note you will only be contacted should your application be successful.

Our Ethos

We joined the B Corp movement because we believe we have an ethical duty to encourage positive social and environmental change. We always promise to be honest, and transparent, and to help our customers sustainably buy luxury products.

Akimirkos Mauricijuje™

Prabangus kambario difuzorius, 100ml, Aqua Blue, Natural Reeds

Petitgrain | Ylang Ylang | Jazminas
Svaiginantis gėlių
£48.00 100 ml
48,00 GBP už 100 ml

Akimirkos Mauricijuje™

Prabangus kambario difuzorius, 100 ml, kreida balta, natūralios nendrės

Petitgrain | Ylang Ylang | Jazminas
Svaiginantis gėlių
£48.00 100 ml
48,00 GBP už 100 ml

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