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CRANBOURN® & empresa B

¿Qué es una empresa B Corp (Corporation)™?

CRANBOURN®’s founders wanted a very different approach to business, where profit would be as important as social and environmental considerations. They wanted their company to operate differently from most other luxury goods companies and to care about the well-being and welfare of all stakeholders. Therefore, the hashtag #anotherway was developed to reflect and represent the company’s sustainable luxury values and beliefs. These core values and beliefs are as true today as when the company was founded and are mirrored in the B Corp Movement.

B Corps are companies committed to prioritising the environment and society in all aspects of running their business. B Corps are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their employees, customers, suppliers, the wider community, and the environment. Today, few luxury goods companies are B Corp certified, and most luxury sector companies pay lip service to social and environmental considerations.

Hacer crecer un negocio de la manera correcta

B Corps are independently assessed to ensure they meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. The rigorous certification process considers the impact of company decisions on society and the environment. It is about growing a business in the right way and is the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance.

¿Por qué CRANBOURN® unirse al movimiento B Corp?

En 2020 decidimos sumarnos al Movimiento B Corp. El movimiento refleja CRANBOURN®los valores preexistentes de , y sentimos que se podía lograr un bien mayor al unir fuerzas con un movimiento global de empresas afines.

El primer paso legal fue cambiar CRANBOURN®la constitución de la empresa (los estatutos de la empresa) para cimentar nuestras intenciones. Esto proporcionó CRANBOURN® with B Corp Pending status, at which point the company’s exhaustive audit of its processes, supply chain and impact on people and the environment began. By 2021, the process was complete, and CRANBOURN® se convirtió en una B Corp totalmente acreditada que se unió a un grupo prestigioso e innovador de empresas, organizaciones y marcas globales que buscan tener un impacto social positivo a través de prácticas comerciales sólidas y éticas.

Los negocios como una fuerza para el bien

Unirse al Movimiento B Corp significa CRANBOURN® está legal y moralmente comprometido a priorizar nuestras responsabilidades con el medio ambiente y la sociedad a través de nuestros Artículos de Asociación (constitución de la empresa), registrados en Companies House en el Reino Unido.

Whether it concerns the products we create, the people we employ or the partners we work with, we legally must prioritise the welfare of people and the planet – not just profit. We want to use business to drive positive change, and the B Corp community is fully committed to this mission.

La certificación B Corp no es un sello de goma

There are many sustainability certifications, and it can often be confusing for consumers to discern which ones carry weight.

As well as legally binding commitments to the environment and society, B Corp-certified companies are continually re-assessed and must pass the recertification process every three years. This ensures that B Corps are consistently held to account – continuously monitoring their impact and trying to improve how they do business for the benefit of people and the planet.

Buenos productos no significan necesariamente una empresa ética

Just because a company makes good products does not necessarily make them a good company socially or environmentally. Even if the products appear to be sourced responsibly and have a positive impact, the company is still operating ethically. Some of their business practices may be harming people and the environment.

Social y ambientalmente responsable

Joining the B Corp Movement is an incredibly rigorous undertaking, covering every business area, from products and sustainability policies to culture and how they communicate with customers. When you see the B Corp logo, you know that the company has been independently verified and is acting in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

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