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Ontwerp en vakmanschap Ethos

Tijdloos ontwerp

CRANBOURN®’s product design and craftsmanship ethos are influenced by our British heritage but not limited by it. We draw inspiration from nature and the rich tradition of British craftsmanship whilst being innovative and influenced by a strong appreciation of contemporary design and architecture. We do not follow fashion whims; our personal and home fragrance products are designed to be timeless.

Alle CRANBOURN® products are handmade in the UK, and our packaging is also manufactured exclusively in the UK from sustainable FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sources to ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship. We never compromise on quality.

Geïnspireerd en innovatief

CRANBOURN®'s ontwerpproces gaat meer over de hele productervaring dan het creëren van een bepaalde geurcollectie of product met een specifieke geur, look of feel. Onze ontwerpesthetiek is de weerspiegeling van dit proces.

Vanaf het begin, de CRANBOURN® vision has been to design and create fragrance products of exceptional quality using the finest botanicals and essential oils. Our perfumes are invariably sophisticated and complex, but we ensure that the containers and packaging of other parts of our products remain reassuringly simple.

Minder is meer

The carefully designed sustainable FSC packaging in which your CRANBOURN® product is delivered has been thoughtfully crafted and detailed so that you receive it in perfect condition without costing the earth.
Keeping our packaging simple is essential, as our resources can instead be used to craft superior fragrance products. This takes both time and thought.

Beter voor de planeet

Eenvoudige details, zoals het maximaliseren van de technische toleranties van onze FSC-kartonnen verpakkingen en het gebruik van zo min mogelijk onderdelen, zorgen ervoor dat we verspilling van verpakkingsinhoud minimaliseren. Dit is niet alleen beter voor onze planeet, maar het stelt ons ook in staat om de besparingen van het maken van dozen om te zetten in het maken van producten van merkbaar betere kwaliteit dan veel van onze concurrenten.

Please learn more about the importance of duurzame verpakkingskeuzes in onze journaalpost.


Vorm en functie

De oprichters van CRANBOURN® worked for decades in the design and luxury goods sector. They gained a strong appreciation of form and function, and how scent, good design and architecture can improve people’s everyday lives and wellbeing.

This can be in simple everyday products – from the fragrances you use, the bike you ride, the car you drive, the hotel room you stay in, or the buildings you live and work in. In all these and more, sound design and high quality improve life.

De waarheid over een goed ontwerp

De oprichters van CRANBOURN® have had the good fortune to work with some of the world’s most talented and well-known international perfumers, product designers and architects.

Unfortunately, plenty of luxury brands cut corners regarding good design and quality. Many luxury products have superfluous content and ignore environmental concerns – and often, products purporting to be both sustainable and luxury are neither.

Minder verbruik, meer kwaliteit

We should all use less but better-quality products in our everyday lives. This is simultaneously good for our wellbeing and the environment. A well-designed and manufactured product uses no more resources than a poor one – often, it uses fewer resources, simple ones of better quality. We all know from personal experience that a poorly designed product that does not satisfy our needs usually ends up not fully used, first on a shelf and then in a landfill.

Betere kwaliteit zonder bezuinigingen

Buying a product and then discovering that the quality could be better is very frustrating. The brand has cut corners, and the product does not live up to expectations functionally and aesthetically. Our product development ethos is simple – to prevent this disappointment by offering our customers a better-quality product than competitors.

Voortdurend verbeteren

We subscribe to the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen – constant improvement in products and processes. To help us in our mission and to reflect our obsession with quality, our website has a customer feedback section where we encourage suggestions for improvements to any aspect of our products. This way, we hope customers will become partners, feel part of the CRANBOURN® familie en ga mee op onze reis.

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