The Vegetarian Society

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As a modern sustainable brand, it is important to us to bring our ethos into the world of luxury. Collectively, we feel strongly about the preservation of the natural world, and we carry this through into our ingredients, processes and sustainable packaging.

As part of our mission to remain transparent and strive for the best here at CRANBOURN®, we have allied ourselves with a number of incredible charities and organisations. As well as joining the B Corp community, we have also ensured we are Vegetarian Society approved. The Vegetarian Society offers both vegetarian and vegan accreditations.

All CRANBOURN® products are categorised as vegan, with the notable exception of our ‘Bees & Botanicals™’ beeswax candle ranges which are vegetarian and they carry the corresponding vegetarian trademark.

The Vegetarian Society

What is the Vegetarian Society?

The Vegetarian Society is a national British charity, founded back in 1847. For almost two centuries, their mission has been to inspire, support and educate people on vegetarianism, and the importance of caring for animals.

They advocate for vegetarianism for a number of reasons. This includes the countless health benefits, animal welfare, and the advantages for the environment. The Vegetarian Society ensures they support their reasoning with plenty of facts, figures and helpful resources to encourage people to learn more about how this lifestyle choice can benefit themselves and the planet around them.

The Vegetarian Society

What do they do?

The Vegetarian Society does more than simply provide information through a screen. They actively work alongside other public groups to support communities, and help people eat more healthily and buy trusted products.

A significant lifestyle change can be inaccessible to some areas, communities and families. To tackle this, the Vegetarian Society provides grants, courses, classes and mentoring to help facilitate this change. They offer free classes to help vulnerable groups learn how to cook for themselves, and dietician services and cookery courses for people wanting to learn more about cooking without meat.

The Vegetarian Society

The Vegetarian Society approved trademarks

They also have trademarks, which are licensed to products that meet strict criteria, offering both vegetarian and vegan accreditation. The accreditation process is rigorous, and it is carried about by Vegetarian Society experts. This process includes checking that products are completely free from any ingredient resulting from animal testing, cruelty or slaughter, no GMOs, and no possible cross-contamination.

Their trademarks are not just for food products. It is also displayed on household products, drinks, cosmetics, pet products, restaurants and pubs, and more.

The Vegetarian Society

The CRANBOURN® ethos

That is where we come in. Our products carry the Vegetarian Society approved trademarks to show our support for their incredible work, and ally ourselves with their cause. We believe in advocating for animal welfare, so it made complete sense to us to proudly display their trademarks on all CRANBOURN® products. You can purchase luxury fragrance products from us safe in the knowledge that they are completely free from animal cruelty.

We also believe in the incredible power of beeswax, and proudly support the protection of bees and other important pollinator species. Bees are wonderful, critically important insects, and we strongly support and promote their preservation wherever possible. To find out more about the magic of bees, you can read our Journal piece here.


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